Miraclebox 6 Plus Signum V2 HD PVR, DVB-S2, CI+

Allsidig DVB-S2 satellitt-mottaker for både den vanlige og mer avanserte bruker. Fjernlager, lev. tid 8-10 dgr. FRAKTFRI LEVERING

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Detaljer: Dobbelt så rask som forrige versjon! Lett å bruke, men likevel en allsidig mottaker for alle. Enkel for vanlig brukere, men gir mye ekstra funksjoner for avanserte brukere. Linux-basert mottaker. Fungerer med Canal Digital (SD + HD) betalings-TV-tjenester. Er kompatibel med CI + CAM. Hvis du ønsker å bruke CI + CAM, må du installere CI + programvareversjon. 1 x DVB-T2 / C tuner. Denne STB kan også brukes som en PVR ved bruk av en USB-enhet. Du kan også spille inn på et nettverks HDD. Du kan ta opp maksimalt 3 kanaler og se den fjerde samtidig. Alle disee kan også være HD-kanaler. Vær oppmerksom på at USB HDD er ikke i stand til å registrere så mange HD-kanaler samtidig. Utmerket 1080p HD-bildekvalitet. I tillegg til basis mottakere, Miracleboxes funksjoner inkluderer: -Internett Nettleser -Youtube -Mediaspiller -Mediaserver -Internett TV + (IPTV)


Additional Information

Brand Miraclebox
Manufacturer´s description

Fast digital receiver with Full HD-support 1080pdigitalbox med Full HD 1080p!

Miraclebox 6 Plus HD PVR is a receiver for everybody. The low price eventhough it supports Full HD (1080p), DLNA, Webbrowser and PVR/WLAN makes it the crystal clear choice on your next purchase. As our other receivers it is based on Linux to give you an constantly updated and reliable OS.

New functions/features with Miraclebox 6 HD Plus vs Miraclebox 6 HD:

  • New smoother design with glossy frontpanel.
  • 8 times larger flashmemory - store Webbrowser, EPG and plugins directly into the receiver.
  • VFD Display to see channel number / process.
  • Superfast NAND-flash - upgrade the receiver in 50 seconds (3 min. before)

A very sought and popular function with Miraclebox is the FreeTV+ and DLNA. FreeTV+ gives you access to millions of videoclips for free - of course in HD. Some of the popular sources are Youtube and Earth Touch HD. At the same the receiver supports DLNA which gives you the possibilty to stream recordings to your PC, iPad, iPhone or Android-unit. You can also receive streams from your PC - very smooth!

M6 is very neat and slim to fit everywhere - you can even mount it on the back of your TV with our TV-bracket (Check Accessories). If you want to connect a harddrive or a wireless USB-adaptor you can connect this to the USB-connection. The receiver has a built-in DVB-S2 tuner to be able to receive all HD-, 3D- and stanard SD-channels from any satellite. It´s also equipped with CI-slot with CI+ support and a universal smartcardreader for your operator card.

Miraclebox 6 HD PVR is a fast, rich of functions, satellite receiver with a fantastic picture to the best price on the market!

HD-receiver with Full HD 1080p and 3D-support!

Miraclebox 6 HD is one of few receivers that has Full HD-support with 1080p. A new powerful image processor with H.264 / MPEG-4 decoder gives an magnificant picturequality. Forget your old receiver and enjoy television in HD - even in 3D.

Satellite Tuner (DVB-S2)

Miraclebox 6 has a satellite tuner with HD-support (DVB-S2). You can search and receive all HD- and SD-channels from any satellite.

Fast NAND-flash memory!

The new Miraclebox 6 HD Plus has 8 times bigger flashmemory than before - 2 Gb (256 MB) NAND-flash. Store everything directly into the internal memory (Webbrowser, EPG etc). It´s also very fast - you can now upgrade your receiver in 50 seconds compared to 3 minutes!

Webbrowser and FreeTV+

The receiver supports a high resolution webbrowser. Just connect a mouse and keyboard and you are ready to go websurfing on your TV in Full HD.
With FreeTV+ you can enjoy millions of videos available from Youtube, Earth Touch HD - everything in Full HD.

Linux OS

The Linux OS gives you a lot of advantages compared to other OS since it is constantly updated with improvements and functions. The userinterface is very easy to use and you can create your own list of favorite channels, edit recordings etc. At the same time there are a lot of third party material that can be used with the receiver and make it even better!

PVR (Hard-drive) and NAS-ready

To be able to record and play movies, use timeshift, pause Live-TV etc you will need to connect a external USB-hard drive or a NAS (Network drive). All recordings (even HD) will then easily be viewable in the embedded mediaplayer. You can also connect and watch the material from any Miraclebox or computer.

Webradio Internet TV+

With your Miraclebox you can enjoy webradio and radiostations from any place in the world.
The Internet TV+ function gives you the possibility to watch Live-stream material from the Internet (in HD if supported).

Homesharing and Network (Wireless)

With Homesharing you can share information between your receivers at home such as media, recording, movies, music etc. This is done very smoothly with the embedded DLNA-function and you can also mount your receivers to a NAS-drive.
The connection can either be done by a network cable or one of our high speed Miracle WiFi USB adapters.

DLNA-support / Mediaplayer

The Miraclebox 6 is one of few receivers with DLNA-support. You can easily stream your recordings to your iOS- (iPhone/iPad/iPod), Android-unit or computer. Extremely conveniant and no extra applications on your receiver are needed - just connect to your network, start your DLNA-app on your unit and enjoy!
The mediaplayer has a photoviewer with slideshow-functions amd can play most of the mediafiles, for example DivX.

A smartcardreader and CI+ slot

There is a smartcardreader embedded that is compatible with both operatorcards including Canal Digital. The M6 also has a CI+ support for future needs if any operator would choose to use it.

Dolby Digital Sound

To experience the real Home Cinema feeling you will need great sound. This is why we have equipped our receiver with a digital output (optical/SPDIF) to give you the best possible sound to your receiver or amplifier. Made under license of Dolby Digital to guarantee an amazing sound experience.

Low Power consumption

In a time where eco comes in focus we have also made our receivers to consume as little power as possible. When you put your Miraclebox in deep standby it consumes less than 1 W! Even at normal usage it consumes much less than most of our competitors.

Good warranties - 2 years

One of the things you can be sure of when you buy a Miraclebox is the quality. You get a stable product with lot of features and possibilities. This is why we can offer you 2 years warranty on our receivers compared to out competitors that only gives you 1 year. Miraclebox is simply a good and safe purchase!

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